Council of Europe

Council of Europe
Child euthanasia in Belgium has been denounced at the Council's Parliamentary Assembly - 'the democratic conscience of Greater Europe'

Belgium's move to allow euthanasia for sick children is a matter of grave concern for all of Europe.

The measure has already passed by 50 votes to 17 in Belgium's upper house and only needs a vote in the lower house on Wednesday 12 February to pass fully into law.

In a key demonstration of cross-continent opposition, parliamentarians from across Europe have now laid down a motion at the Council of Europe -best known for its focus on human rights - denouncing this latest alarming development in the country's law.

Written declaration no. 567, is entitled 'Legalisation of euthanasia for children in Belgium'.

We and our associate organisations have covered this issue in context a number of times - see here, here, here and here - and fully endorse the parliamentarians' view that the move 'betrays some of the most vulnerable children in Belgium by accepting that their lives may no longer have any inherent value or worth and that they should die... [and] promotes the unacceptable belief that a life can be unworthy of life which challenges the very basis of civilised society.'

636 parliamentarians from 47 member states make up the parliamentary assembly (are your representatives among them?) and we thank the fifty-eight members (and three observers) who have already signed.

You can also join tens of thousands of people in signing a petition opposing the proposal: click to sign the petition in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese or Spanish.

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Published: 7th February 2014